• Green Vertical Line laser level (1V)
  • Red Beam Cross line laserlevel (1V1H)VH620

    Red beam cross line laser level

    360 degree rotating ,self-leveling ,ultra bright.

  • Red beam five lines laser level(4V1H&DOWN DOT)

    Five Red green beams laser level.4V1H

    Two ways of power supply.

    1 4x AA Batteries.

    2 Multi functional power bank.

  • Green beam multi line laser (2V1H1UP & 1DOWN DOT)VH800

    Green three beams laser level

    Self-leveling ,360 degree rotating

    Ultra bright 20-30m visible range .Indoor and outdoor available

    Match with receiver,80m detecting range.

    Plumbing dot at top

  • Green five lines Laser Level (4V1H1D)VH515
    Five green beams laser level
    Germany Osram green laser module
    Self-leveling,360 degree rotating
    Two ways of power supply
    4xAA batteries/ Multi functional power bank 
    Ultra bright 20-30m visible
    With receiver, 80m outdoors detecting range

  • 635nm--5mW Red dot module635nm laser module


  • 635nm--5mW Red line module
     Wavelength                              :635nm
     Power                                       :□1mW  □3mW 
                                                          □5mW  □10mW
     Operation voltage                     :3V(2 AA batteries)
     Operation current                     :30mA-80mA
  • Green laser pointerGLP

    Green Laser pointer

    Visible distance covers a distance of 200-300m

  • 532nm Green line laser module
     Wavelength                     :532nm
     Power                              :□1mW   □5mW
     Operation voltage            :3V(2 AA batteries)
     Operation current            :100mA-180mA
     Lens                                 :Aspheric collimator lens
     Operation temperature    :0℃-35℃
  • Concealed Aluminum Alloy Dual-Frame Access Panel

     Public places such as hotels and stores with close ceiling should be installed with the access panel at regular distance in order to repair the inside of the ceiling.

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