How to use the receiver 1

1. Please put the battery into the battery box correctly before use.

2. Then, confirm whether the battery cover is properly covered.

3. Turn on the power switch, and the receiver starts to send out a dripping signal sound. During this period, all LED lights are on.

After that, only the LED of the power supply is still on.

(when the LED of the power supply flashes, please replace it with a new battery)

4. Align the photosensitive window of the receiver with the laser to receive the laser.

5. When receiving the laser, keep the laser at 90 ° with the photosensitive window and make it coincide with the center line.

Confirm the level with bubble tube.

6. When the photosensitive window receives the laser, with the laser approaching, the LED light indicating the laser approaching begins to flash.

Then, pay attention to the side where the flashing LED light is located, slowly move the receiver to make the central LED light on, and make the receiver send out continuous drip signal sound. At this time, the receiver receives the laser.

7. At that position, use a bubble tube to confirm whether the receiver is horizontal, try to keep the position of the receiver not to move, and draw a line mark.

(at this time, the central LED light remains on, and the signal sound of didi will continue.)

How to use the receiver 2

After using the bubble tube to confirm the level, aim the laser at the photosensitive window to receive the laser.

As shown in the figure, when two laser lines cross, the receiver cannot receive the laser.

How to use the support

With the attached bracket, the receiver can be fixed to the column.

1. Align the fixing screw of the bracket with the fixing screw hole of the receiver to make it fit, and tighten the screw.

Bracket handle bracket fixing screw back fixing bulge

2. Rotate the support handle to confirm that it is firmly fixed on the column.

3. Be sure to use bubble tube to confirm whether the receiver is horizontal.

※ if it is not fixed properly, the receiver is easy to fall. Be sure to pay attention.


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