VH-360 Module

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The module all of assemble aspheric glass lens and focus directly in our laser modules, so that the laser collimating spot is located in the center, easy to fix, fast assembly speed and lower cost.

Advantages: aspheric glass lens, light transmittance 97%, effective use of laser light power, can work at 200 degrees of high temperature, no stray light source point, laser light is bright, laser beam uniform.

● Purpose

1. Various wavelengths (nm) can be used, such as 405nm 450 nm 505nm 515nm 520nm 525nm 532nm, 650nm 780nm 808nm 830nm 850nm 950nm Series.

2. The module is used in laser level tools,laser measuring tools, mountable electronic level incorporates, laser distance meter,Total station, medical equipment, range finder, sweeper,rotary laser level PM 2.5 environmental detection, laser sweeper sensor, laser projector, robot sensor, mechanical positioning, laser instruction pen, mountaineering laser indication light at night, ship equipment, gun sight indication, bird drive with a wide range of use.

● High-power Laser Module

● Specifications

Laser Wavelength: 405nm /450nm /515nm /520nm /525nm /532nm /650nm /670nm /760nm /780nm /808nm /850nm /870nm

Power: 80mW~1W

Lens: Aspheric collimator lens


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